Risk Dulo

The Struggling Outlaw


Fontyne “Risk” Dulo (b. 423 ABY) is a fringe outlaw currently living on the planet of Tatooine. As of the beginning of Season 1, he has not done anything of note.

Early Life
Risk was born in the Elben Wastes sector of Tatooine to moisture farmers Lyle and Tamrin Dulo. He had a stable and loving enviroment growing up and as the only child, was always lavished upon by his parents. He also had a supportive peer group and quickly became best friends with his neighbor, the Rodian, Paskwa. When he was 15, his father Lyle, died of natural causes, soon followed by his mother, leaving the teenager to fend for himself. The cocksure and confident Dulo sold his family estate and moved to Mos Eisely.

It didn’t take long for Risk to squander his wealth and by the time he was 22, he was flat broke and had his modest villa repossessed by the Hutt Banking Clan. He made his way to Mos Druma and now resides at “The Scrappy Jawa Cantina”, occasionally doing manual labor to make ends meet.

Risk Dulo was once outgoing and confident though his recent bankruptcy has left him unsure of his future and more introverted. His dealing with the dregs of society has helped him develop a cynical attitude towards life and he often has a pessimistic outlook.

Risk Dulo

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